How to modernise the exterior of your home

House Exterior Makeovers

Making sure that your home looks fabulous from the outside as well as the inside increases its liveability, its marketability, and so much more.

For both modern and traditional properties, there are a whole host of improvements you can make to get the exterior of your house looking on point – from a fresh coat of paint to more extensive work like updating the roof or landscaping.

Whatever you choose, from a simple cosmetic change to a more comprehensive facelift, investing in your home’s exterior is a smart choice that pays off in so many ways.

A mid-century modern makeover

Like all renovation and remodeling projects, exterior updates work best when they’re in sympathy with the property’s era and style. In fact, it’s entirely possible to make restorations and repairs that give a house modern appeal without sacrificing its past glory.

Our clients’ mid-century modern home in North Balwyn is a great example. The mid-century era is known for its simplicity, clean lines, and a focus on connecting the interior with the outdoors.

The family fell in love with the house for those reasons and, knowing that it required serious cosmetic and structural upgrades, wanted to renovate it in a way that would be in keeping with the original architecture.

They came to us with a specific wish list for the exterior renovation of their red brick “star gazer” – space optimisation, an attractive and sustainable garden with a new pool, and multiple living and entertaining zones for both adults and kids to enjoy.

Structural and practical changes

Our first job before tackling the aesthetics was to get the practical foundations right by improving safety, privacy, energy efficiency and protection from the elements.

The property’s exterior was made safer by replacing slippery bricks leading to the entrance with a new exposed aggregate path, and installing new balustrades that conform with Australian safety barrier regulations (while still giving a nod to mid-century style) and to finish we added lighting around entrances and paths.

Renewing the roof was also a priority. After pressure cleaning, repriming and resealing, the guttering was replaced, the roof was painted, and stormwater and drainage were checked.

To increase privacy and provide a natural screen, a line of bamboo was planted along the side fence. Native plantings make the property drought tolerant and also soften the lines of the building by introducing curved shapes in the garden.

Energy efficiency was optimised by installing new double-glazed windows, resealing doors and replacing insulation wherever possible.

Enhancing the cosmetic appeal

Choosing outdoor materials and furniture that matched the era were important considerations in making the house look its best.

Pergolas made of powder-coated steel and Australian Plantation hardwood timber were designed and installed at the back of the house to expand the indoor/outdoor living areas. They help to reduce energy consumption in summer and allow sunlight to filter in during winter.

To complement the retro orange bricks and add a more organic element to the exterior design, the garage door was replaced with a sectional timber design. Sandstone crazy paving also follows the mid-century theme and adds to the warmth of the design.

The front door is both sleek and simple, and also gives a nod to the mid-century era with its warm Australian Brush Box timber.

Having a backyard pool was another little luxury that wasn’t overlooked. The new pool and pool fencing will add to the growing family’s enjoyment of their home and give them another way to enjoy the outdoors.

Carefully chosen fixtures and fittings provide the final touch, along with simple and contemporary outdoor and garden lighting.

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