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Whether you’re renovating an existing garden or you’re building a new home, our elegant, modern landscape designs will help you create an outdoor sanctuary you’ll love spending time in.

We specialise in landscape designs and exterior styling for sustainable native gardens, permaculture and edible gardens, historic gardens and outdoor entertaining.

We guide you through the design process, have a trusted source of contractors we work with, and project manage your landscape construction, making sure your project runs smoothly.

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“The great secret to redoing your garden is to find someone you can really work with, who really understands you, works with you, and Lisa certainly did that. We were able to restore my garden to it’s beautiful former glory together and I am very happy with the results.”

Alan, Actor “Dr Karl” Neighbours

“Our garden has been transformed from a boring, unattractive area to a beautifully designed and gorgeous place that I love being in now. We are absolutely thrilled that the garden looks so wonderful and we love the comments we get from our visitors. Thank you so much.”

Tamara and Greg

“Lisa was great to work with in designing and implementing our garden for our new home in Parkdale. She listened to what we wanted and had very creative, practical ideas. She has great knowledge of plant selection and our garden is thriving!”

Karen Cliffe

Frequently asked questions.

Why should I choose a landscape designer instead of a landscape architect?

Both both landscape designers and landscape architects do the same work. However, we’re just going to say it like it is…landscape architects are expensive. And if that doesn’t matter to you – go right ahead and hire one! But if you’re working on a residential garden with a limited budget, a landscape architect might be overkill. It makes sense to spend more on building your beautiful new garden and less on the drawings of it. Often, landscape designers have a deeper knowledge of plants and horticulture, sustainability considerations and permaculture, all at a more affordable price.

We do have landscape architects, and architects who work as part of our team, but you will always be dealing with Lisa Harper who is a landscape designer, she will determine when one of her landscape architect’s will be required for your project and will discuss this with you in advance.

What’s the difference between a landscaper and a landscape designer?

A landscape designer is the outdoor equivalent of your building designer or architect. They plan your outdoor spaces and provide drawings so that you can visualise the end result before you spend a cent on construction. A landscaper, on the other hand, builds all of the elements like retaining walls, garden beds, and pergolas, plants the plants and can also offer maintenance services. They can’t give an accurate price without a detailed, scaled landscape design.

Why should I use a landscape designer that lets me choose my own builder, excavator, and landscape construction company?

Many landscape designers offer a package deal that includes a full design and construction service. This is a good option if you want to be completely hands off and have someone else manage everything for you. But, you lose a lot of control with this option. We create your design and then we can recommend partners for you to work with, meaning you can get several quotes for any works, potentially saving thousands. You can also DIY any parts of the design that you’d like to, and be heavily involved in plant selection and placement. So, if you don’t want to be locked into a single supplier, and you’d like the chance to explore significant savings along the way, choose a landscape designer who just focuses on the design side. Even better, choose a designer who provides support all throughout your landscaping journey.

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