Do you want to live a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature?

We’d love to turn your backyard into a flourishing food forest.

We’ll share our deep knowledge and passion for permaculture design to help you create a beautiful and productive edible garden that’s good for your family and good for the planet.

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Edible Garden Design Melbourne

We design beautiful, productive edible gardens

Do you want an attractive garden that produces abundant harvests of herbs, fruits and vegetables?

Are you looking to reduce your food miles and environmental impact by harvesting organic food from your own garden?

Do you need help reviving your soil so your plants can thrive?

Do you want to learn how to make your soil, weather, garden orientation and plants work in harmony with nature?

Is an elegant yet functional design important to you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any (or all) of these questions, our new home landscape design service will suit you down to the ground.

Edible garden landscape design.

We love designing permaculture gardens that yield a bounty of organic produce while still providing a beautiful aesthetic. Using our extensive horticultural and permaculture knowledge and experience, we’ll design a permaculture garden that’s perfect for your climate, orientation, architecture, lifestyle and goals.

Permaculture garden design

We can use a free-flowing, organic design or more formal planting styles in edible gardens. We use fruit trees for shade and contrasting clumps of plantings to build layers of colour. We look at the path of the sun, water flows, prevalent wind directions, slopes and soil condition. Our beautiful permaculture garden designs maximise the productivity of your garden and increase biodiversity by working in harmony with nature.

If you need help turning your backyard (and front yard!) into a productive, edible garden, let’s chat.

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What is included in our permaculture landscape design service?

We have a proven permaculture landscape design process that includes:

  • Pre-meeting design inspiration work
  • A 90 minute initial design consultation
  • A series of four intensive design development meetings
  • Provision of 2D and 3D final designs that include full visualisations, material plans, and exterior styling plans.

For extensive detail on our permaculture landscape design process, visit our process page.

Our philosophy

First and foremost, landscape design needs to work for the people who live there. That’s why we collaborate with you to understand your needs, your personal taste, and the potential of your space, to deliver beautiful, functional exteriors you’ll never want to leave.

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What things do we consider in permaculture design for your edible garden?

Permaculture design is all about creating edible gardens that grow abundant food, care for the soil and increase biodiversity. We’ll help you incorporate many permaculture design considerations into your new edible garden design.

How much time do you want to invest in taking care of your edible garden?

What hard landscaping requirements do you have – raised garden beds, pathways, irrigation, water tanks, ponds?

What features do you want – herb gardens, veggie patches, fruit trees, composting, chooks, flower gardens, wildlife habitat?

How will you rebuild the soil – with compost, manure, worms?

How do you intend to protect the soil – with mulch, ground covers, no-dig gardening?

What succession planting do you have in mind?

How will you use microclimates to your advantage, grouping plants together to create resilience?

Will you take advantage of companion planting to stimulate growth and productivity while increasing resistance to pests and disease?

Why choose us?

Edible Garden Design Projects

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Our happy customers.

“Lisa came to the rescue to help us see what our landscaping needed to look its best! She gave us tips to get the soil healthy again after years of neglect and advice on what to plant based on location in our garden and our climate. Lisa is very knowledgeable in her field.”

– Dana Sharp Maksimowicz

Frequently asked questions.

Are edible gardens sustainable?

Growing your own food is much more sustainable than shopping at a supermarket because there’s zero transport, no packaging and less food waste. But the benefits don’t stop there. You can decide whether to use pesticides and grow organic produce. You’ll also save time and money by having an edible garden and you can harness the power of nature to increase biodiversity and improve your soil to produce an abundance of delicious food. If you’d like to explore a more sustainable way of life, please call and book a free discovery call.

What are your top permaculture tips?

Try to imitate nature in all that you do. Compost leaves and mulch in autumn  and used your rich organic compost to protect the soil and increase soil biodiversity. Choose plants that will thrive in your climate. Plant  seasonal heritage vegetables where they get lots of winter sun with regular timed irrigation for maximum production. Companion plant to reduce pests and diseases and to attract bees into your garden which maximise fertilization and yields. Layer fruit tree plantings with edible, pest controlling understory plants incorporating ducks or chickens as well where possible. Plant your most used herbs near the kitchen door. Have a pond to attract birds, lizards and bugs. If you would like to explore incorporating permaculture into your landscape design, book a free discovery call to find out how.

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