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Dreaming of stunning gardens for your large rural property?

We specialise in designing grand masterplans for sprawling country estates for projects all over Australia. Enhance your lifestyle with our beautiful, sustainable gardens that thrive in the Australian climate.

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Rural Landscape Design

We create harmonious, beautiful country gardens

Do you want:

  • a sustainable rural garden that reflects your personality, needs, and lifestyle?
  • a plan that makes the most of your large property?
  • separate spaces for different purposes that flow and connect seamlessly?
  • to enhance the natural beauty and character of your land?
  • to support the local ecology and wildlife?
  • to regenerative agriculture and permaculture practices?
  • to reinvigorate your property with natural sequence farming?
  • If you answered ‘yes’ to any (or all) of these questions, our rural landscape design will suit you down to the ground.

Imagine the possibilities.

Feeling inspired by our permaculture farm design project?

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Australian rural garden design

Growing up on a self sufficient farm, our experience and passion for country gardens shine through on every project.

Whether you prefer informal or formal, productive or ornamental, exotic or native, or a bit of everything spread over different garden zones, we can help you achieve your dream country garden.

Our deep understanding of the ups and downs of rural living will deliver a garden that is low-maintenance, climate-resilient and beautiful throughout every season.

Our extensive horticultural and permaculture knowledge, and experience in designing rural gardens for large properties and estates means you’ll get a garden that suits your lifestyle.

Our designs harmoniously blend all your desired elements with flowing, interconnected spaces for fruit and vegetable gardens, olive groves, wildflower meadows, rose gardens, Japanese gardens, kid’s play spaces, outdoor entertaining and dining areas, and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless.

Sustainable farm design

We’ll respect your property’s natural features and ecosystems and create a harmonious and integrated design that enhances them. We can help you with native windbreaks, habitat creation, biodiversity conservation, permaculture principles, swale design, water management and more.

What is included in our rural landscape design service?

We have a proven country property landscape design process that includes:

  • Pre-meeting design inspiration work
  • A 2-hour initial design consultation
  • A series of four intensive design development meetings
  • Provision of 2D and 3D final designs that include full visualisations, material plans, and exterior styling plans.

For more details on our rural landscape design process, visit our process page.

Our philosophy

First and foremost, landscape design needs to work for the people who live there. That’s why we collaborate with you to understand your needs, your personal taste, and the potential of your space, to deliver beautiful, functional exteriors you’ll never want to leave.

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What do we consider in your country estate garden design?

Imagine turning your unruly, sprawling spaces into beautiful garden rooms that enhance your country lifestyle. Your garden will be your new paradise, a place to enjoy and feel inspired by nature.

Our designs will enhance the beauty and character of your land while delivering functionality, low maintenance and beauty.

We ask many questions before and during the design process to deeply understand your goals.

What do you want to do in your country garden – dine and entertain? Grow food? Work? Relax? Play with kids? Practice regenerative agriculture? Create wildlife habitats? Integrate renewable energy? What’s the most important aspect to you?

What features do you want – wandering paths, alfresco living, edible gardens, bird-attracting natives, water features, perennial gardens, raised garden beds, rainwater irrigation?

Where is the path of the sun, and how can we take advantage of that to benefit plants and people?

Do you want to focus on exotic plants, indigenous plants or various Australian natives?

Do you want mass plantings for colour or layered hedges for a more formal style?

What landscapes are present at your property? Do we need to incorporate permaculture farming, hills, valleys, wetlands, pastures or orchards in our design?

Why choose us?

Rural landscape design projects

See how our amazing 3D landscape designs let you visualise your design before you spend a cent on construction.

Pakenham Princess

Our happy customers.

Amazing transformation and thousands added to the value of our Richmond, Tasmania, property.

“Before hiring Lisa Harper to design and renovate our garden, it was overgrown, boring, and hard to maintain. Working with Lisa on the design we were able to communicate our wants and needs and see them incorporated into the design, the transformation was amazing. Lisa made it much more functional, enjoyable and has added thousands to the value of our property. I would recommend using Lisa to transform your garden, we have been very happy with the result.”

John “Belmont”, Tasmania

Frequently asked questions.

What is rural landscape design?

Rural landscape design is the art and science of creating beautiful, functional and sustainable gardens for large properties and estates in rural areas. It’s a specialised field involving planning and designing different spaces for different purposes, such as entertaining, relaxing, working or playing. Great rural landscape design respects and enhances the natural features and ecosystems of the land, while balancing the lifestyle needs and preferences of the families that live there.

Why do I need a master plan for my country property?

A master plan is a comprehensive and detailed plan that outlines the vision, goals, and strategies for your country property. It helps you make the most of your large property and its resources, and create a harmonious and integrated design that suits your lifestyle, needs and preferences. A master plan can help you navigate your project’s regulatory and environmental context and propose compliant and future-proof solutions. It also enables you to manage your budget, time and resources more efficiently and effectively.

Why should I choose an expert in rural landscape design?

Choosing an expert in rural landscape design can help you achieve your dream garden with less hassle. Country properties are far more complex than residential gardens, and it pays to use someone who knows what they’re doing. A rural landscape design expert should have extensive horticultural knowledge and experience designing rural gardens for large properties and estates. Ask to see past projects to ensure you choose a country property designer that suits your needs.

What does a country property landscape design cost?

The cost of a country property landscape design depends on various factors, like the size, location and condition of your property, the scope and complexity of your project, the services and features you require, the materials, plants, and equipment you choose, and the quality and professionalism of your designer. The cost of a country property landscape design can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. To get an accurate estimate of your project cost, contact us for a free discovery call.

What is sustainable farm design?

Sustainable farm design is a type of rural landscape design that aims to create productive, profitable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible farms. It uses principles such as organic farming, agroforestry, water harvesting, renewable energy, composting systems, biodiversity conservation, crop rotation, polyculture farming, soil regeneration, food forests, wildlife habitats, ecological footprint reduction, natural pest control, companion planting, solar panels, wind turbines, greenhouses and hoop houses, drip irrigation, swales, terracing and much more. Talk to us to learn more about the sustainable farm elements that you would like to incorporate into your property.

Can I do my gardens in stages at my country property?

Yes, once we’ve completed the design, you can establish your gardens in stages at the pace that suits you. Designing a rural garden can be a large-scale and long-term project that requires careful planning and execution. The master plan outlines the overall vision, then we break it down into detailed project plans that can be implemented simultaneously or separately over time to suit your budget, time and resources.

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