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Pool landscape design Melbourne

We design beautiful, tranquil pool landscapes

In Melbourne, a swimming pool is the perfect place to escape the scorching summer heat and it makes a serene backdrop out your window all year round.

A swimming pool is a big investment, so how can you make sure your new pool will be everything you dream of? Engaging a landscape designer who specialises in pool design is a perfect place to start.

We consider your pool design as part of an entire landscape and outdoor living masterplan. We’ll ensure your pool design complements your architecture, is integrated into your garden style, and works with your family’s lifestyle.

Let us help you create a beautiful new swimming pool area – your private oasis nestled into lush, green surrounds are waiting for you.

Why do you need a landscape designer to design your pool?

As landscape designers, we’re experts in creating outdoor spaces that enhance people’s lives. We’re used to thinking about how people want to live and designing spaces that are uniquely them. We’re always integrating people’s chosen garden style with their architecture while working to a budget.When you think about it, the design of the pool is only part of the puzzle. The pool will be the centrepiece of your outdoor living area, but you need a landscape designer to consider the optimal position, materials, and surrounding landscape so that it integrates perfectly with the total site plan.

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The other great thing about working with a landscape designer is that they are not biased towards using a particular material or any contractor. The beauty of this, once you’re happy with your optimal plan, you can shop around pool construction companies to get the best deal on construction. This way, you can compare quotes and see where the real savings are. After working in the industry for almost 20 years, we have all the insider tips on how you can control your budget and project timeline ensuring you’re not being hit with blow out costs.We think of everything to make sure your pool looks beautiful, complements your architecture, and is a lovely place to spend quality time.

What is included in our pool design and landscaping service?

We have a proven pool and landscape design process that includes:

  • Pre-meeting design inspiration work
  • A 90 minute initial design consultation
  • A series of four intensive design development meetings (or as required)
  • Provision of 2D plans and 3D final designs that include full visualisations, material plans, and exterior styling plans.

For extensive detail on our pool landscaping design process, visit our process page.

Melbourne pool and garden design

Our philosophy

First and foremost, landscape design needs to work for the people who live there. That’s why we collaborate with you to understand your needs, your personal taste, and the potential of your space, to deliver beautiful, functional exteriors you’ll never want to leave.

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What things do we consider in designing your pool and surrounds?

Your new pool will become the centrepiece of your garden, and there’s lots to consider. Before and during the design process, we ask lots of questions to deeply understand what you want to achieve.Why do you want a swimming pool?Who will use it? Mainly when entertaining, or mainly for your family?Where does the sun travel in relation to the space in the different seasons and how will this affect the way you use your pool area?How often will you use it? In the morning, afternoon, or evening? Just summer, or all year round?How big do you want it to be? What shape? What position?What sort of pool do you want? What will best suit your architecture, site, and budget? Concrete or fibreglass? Rendered? Tiled? Glass mosaics? Natural stone? A plunge pool? A lap pool? What about fencing?

What features do you want? An alfresco area? A spa? An outdoor shower? Solar heating? What about shade for the pool, somewhere to lounge, store pool toys, get changed, and hang towels? What style of planting do you want? Screening from neighbours, low maintenance, or a lush tropical oasis? What plants will grow well in your climate near a pool and not drop leaves in? Are there any accessibility considerations for people who will use it? Child-friendly, rails for older people, wheelchair access?

Why choose us?

Pool landscape design ideas.

See how our amazing 3D pool landscape designs let you visualise your design before you spend a cent on construction.

Our customers love our pool landscape designs.

“We were building our new home and looking for a landscape designer to design the garden for us, so we hired Lisa to help us with the project. Lisa worked with us on the design through a number of intensive meetings making sure the design was exactly what we wanted, incorporating a pool, formal garden which could tolerate drought conditions with lots of privacy around our outdoor living areas and outdoor kitchen. We wanted spaces for our kids to play with their friends and the garden needed to match the traditional style of the home we were building. Lisa worked with a CAD program so we were able to see that garden before it was built which really helped understand the design. The garden is exactly what we wanted and looks beautiful, complementing our home and enhances our lifestyle considerably. We would highly recommend Lisa to design your garden if you are building a home.”

Sally and Ed, Bayside

Frequently asked questions.

What plants are best for around pools?

It’s important not to choose plants that create mess – dropped leaves clog filters and constantly scooping them out is tedious. Select evergreen rather than deciduous varieties and try to keep at least a two-metre gap between the garden and the pool. Another important factor is pool plants cannot be climbable. Bamboo and palms are used a lot around pools for these reasons. With current pool regulations, our planting choices are very basic. A lot of older pools need new plants because the older ones planted before 2019 no longer meet pool regulations. Be careful with plants that have vigorous root systems that can damage the foundations of the pool or house. Agaves are hardy and palms provide good shade. We also like plants such as Cordyline, Bromeliad or Silver Plum Bromeliad, Dwarf Stripe Buddha Bamboo, Liriope Grass (Evergreen Giant), Phormium Anna Red, Cycas Revoluta, Furcraea foetida, Senecio serpens, and Agave weberi to name a few.

How much does landscaping around a pool cost?

The size of your pool area, and the materials and plants you choose will determine the cost, which can vary widely. To get a guide, book your pool design discovery call now. With a rough idea of the result you’re after, if it is a simple planting plan you need, we can do that for you quickly after measuring your area and drawing a pool planting plan with a list for plants suitable for ordering, along with our soil improvement recommendations and irrigation suggestions. Once a detailed plan is drawn then you can get accurate quotes from either landscapers or your local nursery, we even can quote out the plants and materials for you from our own suppliers if you wish to do the garden makeover yourself.

How do you furnish a pool area?

We’re experts in exterior styling and we can help you create a stunning poolside living space with stylish yet functional furnishings. Nothing beats a sun lounge by the pool with a fold away umbrella for shade and a coffee table for that summer afternoon cocktail. Exterior styling is an additional service we would be happy to speak with you about at our initial consultation. We can share local supplier details for you to buy from, or we can purchase, deliver, and install your pool furniture for you.

Do your plans meet pool regulations?

Pool regulations are complex and ever changing. You will need to engage a building surveyor and a qualified master builder to construct your pool, and they will look after permits for you. We can recommend trusted pool engineers and pool builders for Melbourne clients.

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